Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson's online documentaries straddle the fields of journalism, art, and technology. In 1995, she co-founded Picture Projects, which, for more than eight years, pioneered the field of online documentaries. Johnson's collaborations include The Sonic Memorial Project, an open archive and online audio installation of the history of the World Trade Center, and - Perspectives on the U.S. Criminal Justice System. Sonic Memorial was the first website to be awarded a Peabody (2002). Similarly, won a Webby Award for 'net art as well as many awards for innovation in journalism and the field of criminal justice including the Online News Association's Award and the American Bar Association's Silver Gavel Award. With her husband, she produced the radio and web series Mandela: An Audio History, which won the DuPont Award and the JFK Award. She also co-founded Iliso Labantu, a training program for photographers from the townships around Cape Town. Johnson has taught numerous workshops in digital storytelling around the world. She teaches at Harvard University.